Soil Mixing, a technique with multiple applications

With this technique, Bachy Balineau uses in situ soil mixed mechanically with a filler material to carry out ground improvement, retaining or sealing work. The added material is generally a binder, the choice and dosage of which make it possible to obtain the hydraulic or mechanical characteristics required by the project.

This technique is available in various forms depending on the work involved (single or double jet grouting, Geomix).

The Geomix process is the result of a combination of Soil Mixing techniques and Hydrofraise® technology. It makes it possible to produce panels that are remoulded in a primary/secondary sequence, thus forming a continuous veil.

This technique can be used to improve soil characteristics (bearing capacity, shear strength, earthquake resistance), as well as to build cut-off or retaining walls. Metal sections can be used to improve inertia.

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You have a project ?