Rigid inclusions

This reinforcement combines a mesh of inclusions lowered to a load-bearing horizon with a distribution mattress.

The whole system is designed to ensure the transfer of vertical loads applied to the surface to the load-bearing horizon without inducing damaging settlements.

The inclusions are made up of structural elements that have both inherent strength and low deformability compared to the compressible soil through which they pass.

If necessary, the inclusions can be surmounted by a scallop or have an enlarged cross-section at the top. Horizontal reinforcement layers (geosynthetics or metal mesh) can be placed within the distribution layer. The distribution layer is made up of granular material (alluvial gravel or alluvial soil) or soil treated with hydraulic binders. Consequently, the loads are founded on insulated or threaded surface footings, or on inverts, depending on the structure.

Production methods

Rigid inclusion is carried out by drilling or ramming. Tools used include :

Soil mixing tools,
Displacement auger, hollow auger,
Tube or prefabricated element vibrofused and/or beaten

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You have a project ?