Ground improvement

Thanks to Soletanche Bachy’s ground improvement techniques, we can modify the characteristics of a soil to increase its load-bearing capacity.

Building structures with heavy loads on poor quality soil or in areas subject to seismic risks? Soil improvement techniques make it possible.

These techniques improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil by including materials (gravel, concrete, mortar, etc.) or by compacting or vibrating the soil. Soil improvement techniques also make it possible to eliminate differences in bearing capacity between different areas of a site. Lastly, they help to limit soil settlement and liquefaction in the event of an earthquake, for example, and thus offer greater resistance to structures and infrastructure.

Whatever the constraints and specifications of your construction project, Bachy Balineau can help. Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we can work with you to select the soil improvement solutions best suited to your project.

Our ground improvement processes

You have a project ?


You have a project ?