Continuous-flight auger (CFA) piles 

Bachy Balineau has mastered the art of continuous-flight auger piling in loose or rocky soils.

Producing deep foundations using continuous-flight augers is the best way to offer our customers maximum satisfaction.

By drilling when the tool is lowered, then concreting when it is raised, execution yields are greatly improved, offering efficient execution that ensures deadlines and costs are kept to a minimum.

Benefiting from the expertise of the Soletanche Bachy group, in particular its Starsol® patent, Bachy Balineau is able to execute CFA piles at depths of 30 m and in diameters of up to 1.20 m. The power of the equipment, developed in-house, is the key to ensuring that these operations can be carried out even in rocky ground.

Continuous recording of drilling and concreting parameters means that the quality of the work can be monitored in real time.

Our deep foundations processes

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You have a project ?