Micropiles are bored piles with a diameter of less than 300 mm, reinforced with either a steel bar, a steel tube or an H-profile.

This technique is particularly suitable for para-seismic reinforcement operations.

We build micropiles of all types, for all uses, whatever the soil.

The idea is to make these piles using small, lightweight, easy-to-handle tools, which means they can be used wherever traditional techniques are not physically suitable: underpinning, reinforcement, armouring, resisting tensile forces, resisting bending forces due to backfill, resisting negative friction.

The diameters are generally between 100 and 300 mm. They therefore have limited load-bearing capacity.

Their characteristics are variable:

  • Drilling in any soil or material (rock, masonry), with or without casing, in air, clear water or mud.
  • Any inclination.
  • Tensile or compressive force generally between 150 and 800 kN, mobilised by metal tube, beam or crenellated bar.
  • Reinforcement protected by sheathing grout installed by gravity or grouting.
  • Use of standard or stainless steel


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You have a project ?