The high-capacity foundation

We produce foundation elements at great depths.

Using diaphragm wall methods, we excavate rectangular, cross-shaped or H-shaped barrettes elements.

The stability of the trench during drilling, reinforcement and concreting operations is achieved using a perforating fluid called slurry. The slurry is made from bentonite. It forms a watertight deposit called a “cake” on the walls of the excavation, preventing it from percolating into the ground and providing the hydrostatic pressure that prevents the walls from collapsing. A slurry made from polymers can also be used.

Barrettes have a similar function to foundation piles, but thanks to their geometry, they can take much greater loads.

This is the solution for founding towers, large buildings and major infrastructures.

Our methods

Bachy Balineau relies on processes proven for their quality.

Execution systems: Mechanical, KS-type hydraulic or HydrofraiseⓇ grabs designed and manufactured by Soletanche Bachy.

Our deep foundations processes

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You have a project ?